Privacy Statement

Preservation of Articles in Brieflands Repository

Brieflands Repository plays a vital role in the preservation of articles, reaffirming the publisher's commitment to long-term preservation efforts. This repository ensures the wide accessibility of Brieflands' research outputs, serving to benefit both society and academic advancement.

Depositing articles in Brieflands Repository

To ensure efficient management and organization of articles, Brieflands utilizes batch deposition methods through command-line tools accessible to Repository administrators. Depositors are responsible for providing metadata in the requested format and quality, enabling seamless integration into the repository's system.

Archival and management procedures in Brieflands Repository

Brieflands Repository is dedicated to core activities that encompass the preservation, curation, and dissemination of articles published by our organization. Our primary objective is to ensure that all content entrusted to us by depositors remains relevant and accessible to our users both presently and in the future. In fulfilling this role, our services actively promote and facilitate the following initiatives:

  • Secure storage of data
  • Reliability and usability of data
  • Quality and integrity of data
  • Publication of and access to data

Once an article is published in Brieflands, a persistent Digital Object Identifier is minted and associated with the output.

Permission policy

All articles deposited in our repository are freely available as open access content. Access levels for such content are determined automatically during the submission review process, taking into account journal policies and information provided by services like Sherpa/RoMEO. Additionally, our Open Access team conducts a review before publication in our repository to ensure compliance.

Readers who wish to request access to our content can do so by using the contact form provided below: