Nursing students' attitudes towards coronary artery disease prevention

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Background and Purpose: Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is the major cause of limitation in adults' life. But it can be preventedby controlling its risk factors, modifying life style and educating the population about general health. Besides, health educationis one of the important issues about changing life style. Nurses play an important role in health education. Thus this study wasperformed to determine Nursing Students' Attitudes towards the Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease.Methods: The samples of this cross-sectional study have been 136 of freshman to senior nursing students of Guilan Universityin the north of Iran selected by available sampling method. A questionnaire consisting of two sections was used to gather data. Inthe first section, the samples socio-demographic data were asked and the second section with 15 questions about nursing students’attitude to coronary artery disease prevention .Data analysis was done by SPSS16 software using descriptive and inferentialstatistics such as Chi square, ANOVA and Pearson tests as appropriate.Results: The findings displayed that the samples mean age was 21.34±2.52. The majority of them were female (57.4%) and thefreshman students (36%) and without the history of chronic disease (94.9%) and the majority of the students and their familydidn’t have cardiac disease background (77.2%). But the relationship between the score of the attitude and socio- demographicvariables in the students was not significant. The finding showed that the attitude score of 48.5% students was lower than the tool'smean score but the mean score of attitude increased as the educational years increased.Conclusion: Our findings showed that about half of the samples did not have the desired attitude towards the prevention ofcoronary artery disease; it is necessary to provide educational programs to create deep belief about the prevention of coronaryartery disease, its importance and the students' responsibility about it.