Invasive Mucormycosis in a Patient With Liver Cirrhosis: Case Report and Review of the Literature

AuthorHussien Elsiesy
AuthorMohamed Saad
AuthorMahmoud Shorman
AuthorSamir Amr
AuthorFaisal Abaalkhail
AuthorAlmoutaz Hashim
AuthorWaleed Al Hamoudi
AuthorMohamed Al Sebayel
AuthorKhalid Selim
Issued Date2013-08-01
AbstractIntroduction: Cutaneous Mucormycosis is a rare opportunistic infection caused by Zygomycetes class of fungi that is often fatal, requiring aggressive local control as well as systemic therapy. Few cases of mucormycosis were described in patients with liver cirrhosis, mostly rhino-orbital. To our knowledge, only two cases of upper extremity involvement was reported in cirrhosis while a few cases were reported in the post-transplant setting. We report herein the third case of upper extremity mucor infection in the setting of liver cirrhosis. Case Presentation: We described a rare case of forearm infection originating in a traumatic intravenous access portal in a 25 year-old woman with liver cirrhosis secondary to autoimmune hepatitis. Discussion: She developed acute on chronic liver failure during the last trimester of pregnancy, which was terminated. Painful, erythematous lesion was noted on her right forearm in the area of intravenous access, which later became necrotic. Extensive debridement was done and histopathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of mucormycosis. The patient started on Amphotericin B. Her condition continued to deteriorate and ended up with above elbow amputation followed by right shoulder disarticulation. She died two days later due to multi-organ failure. In conclusion, forearm mucromycosis in liver cirrhosis can be fatal.
KeywordLiver Cirrhosis
TitleInvasive Mucormycosis in a Patient With Liver Cirrhosis: Case Report and Review of the Literature
TypeCase Report
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