Not functioning adrenocortical carcinoma from diagnosis to management: A case report

Adrenal gland cysts are rare indications of adrenal diseases, which are commonly asymptomatic. In radiological studies, thesecysts, known as incidentalomas, are often detected by coincidence accounting for 6% of the population. Adrenal incidentalomas arecommonly detected, and autonomous cortisol hypersecretion is the most prevalent abnormality associated with these masses. Sincethis complication is recurrent, it requires intermittent morphological and hormonal evaluation for several years. In this paper, we aimedto present the case of a 52-year-old woman with complaints of vague abdominal pain. After laparotomy, the tumor was removed, andumbilical herniorrhaphy was performed on the patient. Laparoscopic adrenalectomy is the first-line surgical treatment for this type ofincidentaloma. Ultrasonography revealed an echogenic mass (diameter: 4 cm) in the left adrenal gland of the patient, which was notassociated with hernia. In addition, CT-scan showed that the adrenal lesion was hypodense and heterogeneous (diameters: 81*53 mm)with sharp, irregular borders.