Preventive Care for Gastrointestinal Disorders; Role of Herbal Medicines in Traditional Persian Medicine

AuthorMaryam Mosaffa Jahromi
AuthorMehdi Pasalar
AuthorSuleiman Afsharypuor
AuthorRasool Choopani
AuthorMahmoud Mosaddegh
AuthorMohammad Kamalinejad
AuthorAbdolali Mohagheghzadeh
AuthorAli Mohammad Tamaddon
AuthorKamran Bagheri Lankarani
Issued Date2015-11-01
AbstractContext: Preventive care is a basic rule in current medical practice and traditional Persian medicine (TPM) scholars have introduced a large amount of publications in this valued field. According to TPM principles, healthy stomach has a significant role in providing a fit body and herbal medicines are capable of helping stomach perform this role. Evidence Acquisition: A wide-ranging search in main TPM books and web engines was performed to compare preventive care in gastrointestinal (GI) diseases through a librarian review study. Results: There is a close interaction between GI system and other body systems; any ailment in a system could result in dysfunction of stomach and vice versa. There are various herbal medicines that help achieving a healthy stomach following a seven-part preventive rule and in this article, we briefly reviewed some of them such as amla, clove, lemon, black mustard, saffron, ginger, aloe, and mastic. Conclusions: Following a simple seven-part rule of healthy stomach will result in balanced GI function and a healthy body. Properly consumption of recommended TPM herbal medicines could reinforce the stomach and a healthy GI system through preventive mechanisms.
KeywordPreventive Medicine
KeywordGastrointestinal Diseases
KeywordOriental Traditional Medicine
KeywordHerbal Medicine
TitlePreventive Care for Gastrointestinal Disorders; Role of Herbal Medicines in Traditional Persian Medicine
TypeReview Article
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