A Model for the Taxonomy of Research Studies: A Practical Guide to Knowledge Production and Knowledge Management

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Context: Due to the increasing research information, knowledge production, development of information technology, and its impact on access to knowledge, the taxonomy of knowledge and information is necessary to manage and use them in the development of science. Evidence Acquisition: The purpose of this study was to provide a complete model that could achieve the objectives of taxonomy in research. For this purpose, after a critical review of existing taxonomies, criteria were developed based on which a complete and practical taxonomy was presented. After reviewing and analyzing different categorizations of research in different fields of medicine, social sciences, and education, research designs were divided into explicative research, psychometric research, descriptive research, exploratory research, explanatory research, theory research, translational research, synthetic research, prescriptive research, implementation research, and evaluative research. Conclusions: In the next step, the relationship between them was determined based on their cognitive position and their position in the development of knowledge.