Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis Despite Isoniazid Chemoprophylaxis in Children Who Were Exposed to Smear Positive Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Case Series

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Introduction: Children, especially those younger than six years old are very susceptible to tuberculosis (TB); therefore, there is need for preventive intervention to face active pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB). Using chemoprophylaxis as an effective intermediation against latent TB was proven during the last decades. Case Presentation: Here, we presented three children of a mother, referred to our clinic due to smear positive PTB. Their mother was being treated with a four-drug regimen since one month before. All the close contacts were evaluated for TB and isoniazid was started for her daughters aged four and six, who had positive tuberculin test results and did not show any signs and symptoms of active TB. Later, these two children and her 19-year-old son were involved with active PTB. Discussion: Isoniazid chemoprophylaxis dose not completely prevent from TB development. Therefore, we should observe and evaluate all the cases that have a history of close contact with smear positive PTB using isoniazid prophylaxis.