Acute Improvement of Postural Steadiness Through Neuromuscular and Proprioceptive Training in Sedentary Older Females

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Background: Poor balance ability will increase falling incidence. This study evaluated an acute improvement of postural steadiness through a neuromuscular and proprioceptive training (NPT) program in sedentary older females. Methods: Forty-eight sedentary females over the age of 65, who came to the Ukrainian center for sports medicine (Kiev) in the winter of 2018, volunteered for participation in this quasi-experimental study. Participants, who were derived from a convenience sample, were assigned at random to the NPT exercise group (n = 24; age = 70.1 ± 4.6; BMI = 22.34 kg/m2) and the seated rest group (n = 24; age = 69.3 ± 6.8; BMI = 22.47 kg/m2). The NPT exercise group held a modified NPT session for one hour and then finished it by cooling down for 5 minutes, while the seated rest group at the same time, stayed in a sitting position. The center of pressure (COP) in the static state in barefoot conditions was recorded with different visual conditions before and after the study from both groups in the two planes using a force platform. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was utilized to compare groups in addition to differences over time. Results: Significant interaction influences were found in the total mean velocity of COP swings (P = 0.004) and the mean velocity of COP swings in the mediolateral plane (P = 0.003) in the NTP exercise group when eyes were closed. Conclusions: A modified NPT program session improves the ability to balance age changes. This program has an acute positive effect on COP velocity swings in sedentary elderly females.