Evaluation of Clinicopathologic Factors and Surgery Management on Borderline Ovarian Tumor Outcomes

AuthorZahra Shiravani
AuthorNiloofar Namazi
AuthorMasooumeh Hashemi
AuthorFateme Sadat Najib
AuthorMojgan Hajisafari Tafti
Issued Date2022-10-31
AbstractBackground: Borderline ovarian tumor (BOT) is a tumor most prevalent in young woman with desire to fertility. There are some controversies on the patient characteristic besides to the factors affecting the recurrence rate among different races. Objectives: The aim of this study is to evaluate clinicopathologic features of the tumor to discover the controversies on the topic. Methods: Medical data of the all referred patients to Motahari clinic from January 2010 till October 2020 were recorded. Patient clinicopathologic characteristics affecting on outcome were evaluated. By using SPSS software, data were tested by chi-square and fish exact test. Also, log rank test was used for survival analysis Results: Totally 145 patients were enrolled. 61.4% versus 38.6% of the patients underwent fertility sparing surgery and radical surgery respectively with common characteristics of mostly belong to stage 1A disease (61.8% vs. 66.1%), unilateral (93.3% vs. 89.3%), serous histology (51.7% vs. 66.1%). The characteristics were different in the aspects of age and tumor size. In the aspect of recurrence rate, younger age, tumor size less than 10 cm, and fertility sparing surgery were with higher rate of recurrence (P-value < 0.05) while histology type of the tumor, higher FIGO stages, lateralization, micropapillary, microinvasion, noninvasive peritoneal implants, receiving adjuvant chemotherapy, performing laparoscopy and lymphadenectomy were not statistically significant for recurrence (P-value > 0.05). Two patients had malignant transformation. Conclusions: Fertility sparing surgery was with more recurrence rate in borderline ovarian tumor patients. However, micropapillary, microinvasion were not significantly with higher recurrence rate in our study but they are challenging issues in border line ovarian tumors among different studies. Due to most prevalence of border line ovarian tumors in young women and desire of fertility preservation, we should notice more to clinicopathologic and surgery types affecting on recurrence of BOTs.
KeywordBorderline Ovarian Tumors
KeywordClinicopathologic, Fertility Sparing Surgery
TitleEvaluation of Clinicopathologic Factors and Surgery Management on Borderline Ovarian Tumor Outcomes
TypeResearch Article
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