Linear Atrophoderma of Moulin Localized to Face: An Exceedingly Rare Entity

AuthorTasleem Arif
Issued Date2020-06-30
AbstractIntroduction: Linear atrophoderma of Moulin (LAM) is a rare dermatologic disorder characterized by hyperpigmented atrophic plaques following the Blaschko lines (BL). The trunk and limbs are the usual sites affected. Isolated facial involvement is an exceedingly rare entity. Despite a comprehensive medical literature search, the author could find only two cases of LAM where the lesions are exclusively localized to the face. In this article, the author presents the third case of LAM localized to face only. Case Presentation: A 26-year-old male complained of multiple linear non-pruritic pigmented lesions over the left side of the nose and glabellar area of six months’ duration. There was no history of erythema, thickening/hardening of skin, or violaceous border surrounding the lesions. On clinical examination, there were multiple hyperpigmented brownish lesions, the majority of which were depressed, involving the left ala and bridge of nose laterally and glabellar area in a Blaschkoid pattern. Diagnosis of LAM was established based on suggestive history and clinical examination. Conclusions: LAM is a rare disorder, and the facial localization makes it exceedingly rare. It should be kept in the differential diagnosis when hyperpigmented depressed lesions are present in a Blaschkoid pattern on the face.
KeywordBasal Hyperpigmentation
KeywordBlaschko Lines
KeywordLinear Atrophoderma of Moulin
KeywordLinear Morphea
TitleLinear Atrophoderma of Moulin Localized to Face: An Exceedingly Rare Entity
TypeCase Report