Iranian Women’s Motivations for Seeking Health Information: A Qualitative Study

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Background: Today empowerment of women by health literacy has become a necessity. Researchers have shown that women are active seekers of health information and seeking behaviors are driven by various motivational factors. Paying attention to women’s motivations for seeking health information could facilitate evidence-based policy making in promotion of public health literacy. As health information seeking develops within personal-social interactions and also the health system context, it seems that a qualitative paradigm is appropriate for studies in this field. Objectives: The aim of this study was to explore Iranian women’s motivations for seeking heath information. Patients and Methods: In this qualitative content analysis study, data collection was conducted considering the inclusion criteria, through purposive sampling and by semi-structured interviews with 17 women, using documentation and field notes, until data saturation. Qualitative data analysis was done constantly and simultaneous with data collection. Results: Five central themes emerged to explain the women’s motivation for health information seeking including: a) dealing with fear and uncertainly b) understanding the nature of disease and diagnostic/therapeutic procedures c) performing parental duties d) promoting a healthy life style e) receiving safer health care. Conclusions: It seemed that respecting client’s concerns, providing comprehensive health information, as well as risk management and promoting safer health care is necessary.