Postnatal SARSCOV2 Infection in Neonates, Characteristics and Outcomes: An Observational Study

AuthorKayvan Mirnia
AuthorMaryam Saeedi
AuthorRazieh Sangsari
AuthorQuinn Kern-Allely
AuthorZeinab Jannat Makan
Issued Date2023-02-28
AbstractBackground: Many aspects of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARSCoV2) pandemic in 2019 have been unclear, especially in newborns, and reports of neonatal diseases are usually associated with perinatal infection. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to evaluate clinical and para-clinical manifestations in newborns that contracted the infection after birth. Methods: This observational research was conducted from October 2020 to March 2022 to examine postnatal SARSCoV2 infection in infants admitted to the NICU or neonatal ward at the Children’s Medical Center in Tehran, Iran. Inclusion in the study was open to neonates who had positive RT-PCR results postnatally. Results: In total, 55 newborns were confirmed to have postnatal SARSCOV2. Fever was the most frequently observed symptom, with 35 (61%). Necrotizing enterocolitis was seen in 18% of neonates, and 30% of them were preterm. Neutropenia was seen in 34% of cases, with five cases having severe neutropenia. All neonates had a normal platelet count. Twenty percent of patients showed C - reactive protein higher than 6 mg/L. Two newborns had co-existing bacterial urinary tract infections. Our neonates didn't require antiviral, anticoagulant, or corticosteroid medications, and they recovered while receiving only supportive care. Everyone in the group of newborns was discharged without complications, and there were no deaths. Conclusions: The high rate of fever, high C- reactive protein, and neutropenia in SARSCoV2 neonates suggests that more observational research is needed to compare these symptoms to bacterial sepsis to avoid the overuse of antibiotics in these patients.
KeywordAntiviral Agents
TitlePostnatal SARSCOV2 Infection in Neonates, Characteristics and Outcomes: An Observational Study
TypeResearch Article
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