Cetuximab-decorated and NIR-activated Nanoparticles Based on Platinum(IV)-prodrug: Preparation, Characterization and In-vitro Anticancer Activity in Epidermoid Carcinoma Cells

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Platinum-based drugs are the mainstay of chemotherapy regimens in a clinic, but their use is seriously limited by severe side effects and drug resistance. A cetuximab-decorated drug delivery system can selectively deliver drugs into EGFR-highexpressing cancer cells to prevent the shortcomings of platinum-based chemotherapy. Here, cetuximab-decorated and near-infrared (NIR)-activated nanoparticles based on Pt(IV)-prodrug (abbreviated as Cetuximab-Pt-INPs) was constructed. First, PEGylated Pt(IV)-prodrug was synthesized by a condensation reaction between c,c,t-[Pt(NH3)2Cl2(OOCCH2CH2COOH)(OH)] and MPEG-PLA. Then, Pt(IV)-prodrug and indocyanine green co-encapsulated nanoparticles (Pt-INPs) were prepared through an ultrasonic emulsification method. Finally, Cetuximab-Pt-INPs were obtained by decorating Pt-INPs with cetuximab as a targeting vector. The optimized Cetuximab-Pt-INPs exhibited a spherical core-shell shape of 138.5 ± 0.96 nm. In-vitro cellular uptake and cytotoxicity assays revealed that more Cetuximab-Pt-INPs with NIR irradiation were selectively taken up by A431 cells, thereby leading to higher cytotoxicity. These multifunctional nanoparticles may have promising potential for targeted and effective therapy against EGFR-highexpressing cells of epidermoid carcinoma.