Suicide Attempts Among Patients Admited to Hospital of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

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Background: Suicide is a modern-age human challenge considered as a social and mental health problem acquiring enormous attention on primary and secondary heath care plans. Objectives: The current study aimed to investigate frequency of suicide attempts and related social factors among patients admitted in Hospital of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences Patients and Methods: This cross-sectional study was descriptive-analytical type carried out on 251 patients admitted at medical centers of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences after failed suicide attempts. Data collection was done through filling forms. Results: Average age of the population was 29 ± 11.6 years. Female were more prone to commit suicide whereas the patients had a variety of social lifestyles and crisis such as divorce, drug abuse, and domestic problems. The most frequent method of committing suicide was the use of burning materials. Conclusions: In reference to the young age of the statistical population of attempters and frequent personal-life crisis among them, educational, welfare and consultation facilities are suggested.