Preparation and Optimization OF Palm-Based Lipid Nanoparticles Loaded with Griseofulvin

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Palm-based lipid nanoparticle formulation loaded with griseofulvin was prepared by solvent-free hot homogenization method. The griseofulvin loaded lipid nanoparticles were prepared via stages of optimisation, by altering the high pressure homogenisation (HPH) parameters, screening on palm-based lipids and Tween series surfactants and selection of lipid to surfactant ratios. A HPLC method has been validated for the drug loading capacity study. The optimum HPH parameter was determined to be 1500 bar with 5 cycles and among the palm-based lipid materials; Lipid C (triglycerides) was selected for the preparation of lipid nanoparticles. Tween 80 was chosen from the Tween series surfactants for its highest saturated solubility of griseofulvin at 53.1 ± 2.16 µg/mL. The optimum formulation of the griseofulvin loaded lipid nanoparticles demonstrated nano-range of particle size (179.8 nm) with intermediate distribution index (PDI) of 0.306, zeta potential of -27.9 mV and drug loading of 0.77%. The formulation was stable upon storage for 1 month at room temperature (25 °C) and 45 °C with consistent drug loading capacity.