There Is No Fool Like an Old Fool: The Experiences of Elderlies Regarding Remarriage in Iran

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Background: Aging is considered as a natural process and part of the stages of human life. In this regard, well-being can be achieved through learning certain skills and provision of appropriate care. Death of a spouse in this period is rather inevitable. Hence, old people consider this period as a loneliness period. Despite many advantages that elderly remarriage brings and consequently influences their life quality, marriage in this period is a taboo among people of the society, especially in Iran. Objectives: This study aimed to explore the experiences of the elderly regarding remarriage. Methods: This conventional content analysis study was conducted in Iran during 2018. Semi-structured interviews with 20 elderlies living in Tehran were conducted to collect data. For data analysis, Graneheim and Lundman’s approach was adopted. The interviews were continued until reaching data saturation. Results: After data analysis, four main categories and 14 subcategories appeared. The main categories included “there is no fool like an old fool”, “spring in autumn”, “gift of old age”, and “realistic choice.” Conclusions: Remarriage prevents many future problems for elderlies, such as the feeling of rejection, loneliness, isolation, depression, and low self-esteem. Therefore, serious efforts and planning are required to promote the knowledge level of the society regarding this issue.