A survey on the urinary tract infection (UTI) prevalence and its consequences in pregnant women ‎referring to health centers in Kermanshah in 2011

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Introduction: Attention to the health of pregnant women is one of the ways to maintain the pregnant mother and the fetus healthy. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a common problem during pregnancy due to physiologic changes associated with pregnancy which can cause different side effects on the mother such as premature labor, preeclampsia, and anemia. Therefore, such mothers with UTI must be treated to prevent maternal and fetal complications. This study was aimed to assess the prevalence of UTI and some consequences in pregnant women referring to health centers in Kermanshah.Materials & Methods: In this cross-sectional study, overall 500 cases of pregnant women were studied and randomly selected. Data was related to the incidence of UTI and its consequences collected through a checklist. Fisher's exact and chi-square tests were used for comparisons and examining relationships at level of 0.05. SPSS 21 software was used for data analysis.Results: The prevalence of UTI in pregnant women attending clinics in Kermanshah was 19.8% .The incidence of UTI in the third trimester was significantly higher compared to the first and second trimesters. There was no statistical significant relationship found between UTI and demographic information, maternal and fetal outcomes.Conclusion: According to the findings, it seems that UTI in Kermanshah was more prevalent than other studies. Therefore, with regard to the potential consequences of UTI, pregnant women need to be supported and trained to prevent UTI and related complications.