Predictive Factors for Cosmetic Surgery in Iranian Females

AuthorMasoumeh Heidarian
AuthorFathola Mohamadian
AuthorAshraf Direkvand-Moghadam
Issued Date2017-09-30
AbstractBackground: Cosmetic surgery became increasingly popular in recent years. In some cases, cosmetic surgery caused some complications and did not create a durable improvement of quality of life. Objectives: The current study aimed at determining the predictive factors for cosmetic surgery in Iranian females. Methods: The current case-control study was conducted on 98 females admitted to the plastic surgery clinics (the case group) and 102 females admitted to other clinics as the control group. The simple random sampling method was used. The inclusion criteria were no obvious physical defects and known mental disorders. Duplicates and the ones not interested to cooperate with the study were excluded. Study data were collected using demographic, the multidimensional scale of perceived social support (MSPSS), and the Cohen perceived stress scale (PSS). The Chi-square test was used to assess the categorical variable. The logistic regression model was applied to measure odds ratio. Results: The relationship between educational level as well as occupation, and cosmetic surgery were statistically significant. The social support from friends and others was significantly associated with tendency toward cosmetic surgery. While family support and perceived stress showed no differences between the females with and the ones without cosmetic surgery. The logistic regression analysis showed that higher education level, being a housewife, and external supports had a significant relationship with cosmetic surgery. Conclusions: Factors including higher education level, being a housewife, and external supports were the important factors affecting the tendency toward cosmetic surgery among females in Ilam, Iran. Identifying the risk factors of unnecessary cosmetic surgery is needed in every society, to plan counseling programs and reduce unnecessary surgeries.
KeywordCosmetic Surgery
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TitlePredictive Factors for Cosmetic Surgery in Iranian Females
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