The Relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Commitment in Hasheminezhad Hospital:

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Nowadays, the concept of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) has attracted managers and researchers notice in scientific groups. Emphasizing on these behaviors can be one of the ways that causes effectiveness in organization, that hasnt been much emphasized on to date. This research aimed to survey the relationship between OCB and its dimensions and staff organizational commitment in Tehran's Hasheminazhad Hospital. : This study was a descriptive- analytic, applied research that has been carried out in 2010. The research population comprised all employees in Hasheminezhad Hospital and the sample comprised of 130 employees selected through Randomized- Stratified method. Data was collected using Williams & Anderson model questionnaire and analyzed by using the Spearman test on the SPSS software. : The majority of employees in this hospital (%83) evaluated organizational citizenship behavior situation as suitable. Between OCB and organizational commitment there was significant and positive correlation (r=0.32, p-value : According to the findings, it is concluded that notice to OCB concept and its establishment in organizations can be useful in predicting some organizational concepts like organizational commitment and performance.