Changing Harm Reduction Approaches Is Not a Choice; It Is Necessary to Survive

Service providers have tried to reduce harm reduction and objectively improve health and infectious indicators caused by the consumption of illegal drugs for years. However, some disappointment has happened to these people. On the other hand, policymakers and society still need to remember the efforts of harm reduction service providers or have more and higher expectations in this regard. This article looks at the services and achievements of harm reduction from the past to the present. Also, it discusses the new harm reduction methods that align with today's needs of the global community. Today, a new mission is needed for harm reduction and other goals, such as mediation and human rights issues related to disease and addiction. The undeniable success of harm reduction in curbing and controlling many infectious aspects has caused policymakers and harm reduction service providers to become weak and need clarification. It has plunged harm reduction into a halo of uncertainty. There is a need to give new life to this dynamic thinking by redefining harm reduction.