Condom Use, Alcohol, and Reliability of Survey Data

AuthorSergei V. Jargin
Issued Date2017-03-31
AbstractContext: Many studies on alcohol misuse and related topics such as the use of condoms are based on surveys. However, some surveys are not free from biases. There are international differences in the attitudes of people to surveys, which should be taken into account reviewing the literature. Evidence Acquisition: The search of the international literature was performed predominantly using PubMed. Russian-language professional publications were searched in the internet and the electronic library of The literature was reviewed and summarized on the basis of the author’s observations since 1970. Results: The use of condoms in relation with alcohol drinking is largely dependent on personal characteristics; but, taken on overage, heavy binge drinking and alcohol consumption in sexual relations are risk factors for the nonuse of condoms. Besides, slowly progressing personality changes after a prolonged alcohol abuse and heavy binge drinking interfere with the risk perception and may contribute to the nonuse of condoms. Conclusions: Surveys and opinion polls are valuable research tools and feedback mechanisms for administrative decisions; they should not be discredited by obtrusive questioning or asking for private information, with commercial or other purposes.
KeywordAlcohol Abuse
KeywordSexually Transmitted Infections
TitleCondom Use, Alcohol, and Reliability of Survey Data
TypeReview Article
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