Comparison of Preeclampsia Risk Factors Regarding to Severity with Control Group

AuthorSeyedeh Hajar Sharami
AuthorManoush Zendehdel
AuthorFariba Mirblouk
AuthorMaryam Asgharnia
AuthorRoya Faraji
AuthorSeyedeh Fatemeh Dalil Heirati
AuthorFatemeh Salamat
Issued Date2017-01-31
AbstractBackground: Preeclampsia is a relatively common pregnancy disorder that originates in the placenta and causes variable maternal and fetal complications. Objectives: The aim of the study was to investigate risk factors of preeclampsia based on severity. Methods: This is a cross-sectional study which was conducted on 448 participants (330 normal pregnant, 77mild and 91severe preeclamptic women). Inclusion Criteria were age 15 - 44 years and 20 - 24 weeks of gestation. The data collection form consisted of the kind of pregnancy (normal, mild or sever preeclampsia), BP, U/A, other library tests, demo graphic information, history of obstetrics and diseases. The data were analyzed by ANOVA, POST HOC test (tukey HSD), Chi-square and logistic regression using SPSS version 16. Results: Finding showed the mean age in the severe preeclampsia group and the mean BMI in mild and severe preeclamptic women were significantly higher than normal group. Also there was significant relationship between preeclampsia and age, BMI, RH, history of abortion, preeclampsia and chronic hypertension. Logistic regression analysis showed that respectively the negative RH and history of preeclampsia increased the risk of severe preeclampsia. Conclusions: Based on results, chronic hypertension, history of abortion and BMI had been indicated as risk factors of mild preeclampsia and history of preeclampsia had been obtained as the risk factors of severe type. Also, negative RH was the common risk factor for mild and severe types. Therefore, our result support different risk factors for subtypes of preeclampsia.
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TitleComparison of Preeclampsia Risk Factors Regarding to Severity with Control Group
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