Case Report of postoperative unilateral mydriasis following general anesthesia

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Unilateral mydriasis (dilation of one pupil) after anesthesia and operation is one of the important problems. This problem may be due to cerebral complication trauma on eye due to operation, drug effect, deep anesthesia and etc. Physical examinations and other work up must be done for detect of this problem. In some causes this complication is reversible and in other causes such as eye or cerebral complication it is important. In this report a 52 years man with ASA I. (with out disease or with mild disease) patient is presented that has endoscopic surgery for nasal and sinus of maxilla an ethmoid with general anesthesia. And involved postoperative right mydriasis. After complete award patient complained on right blurred vision. Essential work up was done with ophthalmologist and no problem reports. After six hours pupil return to normal size and next day patient with out any complication was discharged. Cause of this complication was accidentally enter’s adrenaline mixed to local anesthetic drug in right eye.