A Survey on the Attitudes & Anxiety of the Participants at Morning Report (MR) Sessions Held in English at SBMU Hospitals in Tehran

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Background an purpose: English as the lingua franca of the third millennium has well opened its way through all aspects of life including medicine. In line with this trend, some hospital wards at Shahid Beheshti Medical University (SBMU) have started to hold their usual morning report(MR) sessions in English. Usually everyday there is an MR session in Farsi, and one day per week it is held in English. Among other factors, participants’ attitudes and the stress/or anxiety felt by the participants in these aural/oral sessions may become important and have impacts on patients’ future treatment plans decided at the MR sessions. The present study seeks to determine the participants’ attitudes and probable anxiety experienced by them.Methods: A total number of 110 participants (61 male, 45 female) attendants at the MR Sessions from three of the SBMU affiliated hospitals in Tehran attended this study. The participants included 13 attending physicians (all SBMU academics), 56 residents (from orthopedics, urology, internal medicine, nephrology, neurology, obstetrics & GYN wards), 24 interns and 12 stager students from the above wards also attended the study. 4 validated questionnaires were filled out by the participants at the MR Sessions along with a form to show their attention to the cases presented and a form on how they had answered the questions. The data collected were analysed by the SPSS16.