Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour and Decisions/Outcomes of the Surgical and Non Surgical Faculty Members

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Background: Evidence-based practice the clinical decision-making process which integrates the best evidence of research with patients’ values and opinions of clinical professionals. The faculty members are the most important decision-makers in clinical, medical, and therapeutic centers, and play a significant role in the use of evidence-based medical concepts in daily activities, decision making and information transfer to residents. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes,behaviour and decisions/outcomes of faculty members in the Surgical and Non Surgical wards of Imam Hossein Hospital, based on the evidence based practice adjusted tool (KABQ) in 2016.Methods: This is a cross-sectional descriptive study using the convenient sampling method among 66 faculty members in the Surgical and Non Surgical departments of Imam Hossein Hospital in Tehran. Anadjusted evidence based practice questionnaire(KABQ) was used after the approval of its original designer (Dr. Johnston) and checking its reliability by calculating the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient to be 0.85. SPSS software version 23 was used for data analysis. The variables were analyzed using descriptive statistics and T-test. The statistical significance of all tests was considered at P