Relationship Between Physical Activity and Cyclic Mastalgia in Iranian Women

AuthorMojgan Mirghafourvand
AuthorParivash Ahmadpour
AuthorPari Rahi
Issued Date2020-03-31
AbstractBackground: Mastalgia is the most common breast problem. Objectives: This study aimed to assess the relationship between physical activity and cyclic mastalgia in women. Methods: This study was a cross-sectional study that was conducted on 322 healthy women 45 - 18 years old referred to health centers of Tabriz, Iran through purposeful sampling. Questionnaires including socio-demographic characteristics, nominal day breast pain (NDBP) and International Physical Activity questionnaire (IPAQ) were applied to collect the data. Analysis of covariance test was used to determine the impact of the independent variables (physical activity and socio-demographic characteristics) on the dependent variable (severity and duration of breast pain). Results: According to the Pearson correlation test, a statistically significant association was observed between mastalgia severity and length of physical activity (P < 0.001). Based on analysis of covariance test, physical activity was a predictor of severity and duration of mastalgia. Conclusions: According to the results of this study, physical activity is an effective factor on cyclic mastalgia. Therefore, a regular exercise program should be included in the treatment protocol of women with cyclic mastalgia.
KeywordPhysical Activity
TitleRelationship Between Physical Activity and Cyclic Mastalgia in Iranian Women
TypeResearch Article
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