Trauma, Dissociation,and High-Risk Behaviors

AuthorMohsen Kianpoor
AuthorNour-Mohammad Bakhshani
Issued Date2012-06-01
AbstractEpidemiological studies and clinical findings have shown an association between trauma and dissociation; dissociative experiences are also more prevalent among select populations such as substance dependent individuals and criminal offenders. In the present non-systematic review, we explored the association between trauma, dissociation, and high-risk behaviors. We aimed to find if the presence of dissociative symptoms could lead us to better understand and recognize those who are prone to high-risk behaviors, among individuals exposed to psychological trauma.\r\nThe present overview indicated a substantial relationship between dissociation and high-risk behaviors. We concluded that designing and establishing appropriate studies regarding the relationship between trauma, dissociation, and high-risk behaviors would enable health professionals to have a better understanding and recognition of people prone to high-risk behaviors, as well as implement more effective strategies to prevent high-risk behaviors among at-risk populations.
KeywordWounds and Injuries
KeywordDissociative Disorders
KeywordRisky Behaviors
TitleTrauma, Dissociation,and High-Risk Behaviors
TypeReview Article
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