Erectile Dysfunction as a Risk Factor Predicting Coronary Artery Disease

AuthorOmer Gokhan Doluoglu
AuthorCan Ali Tatar
AuthorGurkan Kutucularoglu
AuthorAlp Ozgur Akdemir
AuthorAlper Canbay
AuthorErdem Diker
AuthorOztug Adsan
Issued Date2010-07-31
AbstractBackground and Aims: It has been shown that erectile dysfunction (ED) and coronary arterial disease (CAD) share predisposing pathophysiology and risk factors. We planned present study to determine ED as an early precursor of CAD using objective angiographic methods. Methods: Twenty-two patients without any cardiac symptoms who referred for ED were assigned for thefirst group. Another 20 patients who were underwent the coronary angiographic (CAG) assessment and had CAD, and without any previous ED history were assigned to the second group. All patients were asked for their sexual intercourses during the last 12 months period. The degree of ED is determined by means of IIEF-EF questionnaire and penile doppler ultrasonography. Results: CAD was diagnosed in 12 (54.5%) patients out of 22 whom had ED diagnosis without any cardiaccomplaints. There was no statistically significant difference between the serum parameters and risk parameters of the patients. In the second group, ED was diagnosed in 9 (45%) patients out of 20 who had been diagnosed with CAD after the coronary angiography. Conclusions: CAD was present in high proportions among ED patients without any symptomatic cardiac disease. Our study depended on the objective criteria such as angiography and colour doppler ultrasound in the same patient group and thus we believe that it is unique study to support the idea that ED can be the indicator of CAD.
KeywordCoronary Artery Bypass Surgery
KeywordErectile Dysfunction
KeywordDoppler Ultrasonography
TitleErectile Dysfunction as a Risk Factor Predicting Coronary Artery Disease
TypeResearch Article
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