Intravenous Drug Sedation for MRI in Children; A Randomized Controlled Trial

AuthorMehrdad Mesbah Kiaei
AuthorArash Jafarieh
AuthorAbolghasem Yoosefi
Accessioned Date2024-06-05T01:36:15Z
Available Date2024-06-05T01:36:15Z
Issued Date2019-12-31
AbstractIntroduction; Performing MRI in children is a matter of concern and needs adequate sedation because patients should be completely motionless to provide a good quality of imaging.? The aim of this study was to compare the effects of Nesdonal and Propofol + Lidocaine to provide sedation in children undergoing brain MRI.Methods; This was a randomized, blinded trial including 250 patients aged 3 months to 13 years who were candidate for elective brain MRI. Participants were divided into two groups. Group 1 received Nesdonal and group 2 received Propofol + Lidocaine. Demographic characteristics were recorded. Unconsciousness time, scan time and discharge time were compared between the two groups. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 16 by Chi-square, ANOVA, Man-Whitney and T-test (p value < 0.05).Results; Totally 250 patients were assigned randomly to two groups of Propofol + Lidocaine and Nesdonal, each including 125 patients. There was no meaningful difference regarding demographic factors of age, gender or ASA class between the two groups. There was no meaningful statistically difference regarding unconsciousness time (P value=0.655), scan time (P value=0.324) and discharge time (P value=0.436) between the Propofol + Lidocaine and Nesdonal group. Some minor adverse effects occurred in the Propofol + Lidocaine group. No major complication occurred.Discussion; Nesdonal was superior to Propofol + Lidocaine regarding lower adverse effects, lower costs, no need for an infusion pump and not lowering seizure can be considered safe for sedation in children undergoing brain MRI, especially those with a history of seizure.
TitleIntravenous Drug Sedation for MRI in Children; A Randomized Controlled Trial
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