Prompt Attention of the Diagnostic Medical Imaging Centers in Tehran: An Experience of People with Physical Disability

Background: Nowadays, change in the pattern of diseases to chronic has been with increasing use of medical imaging services. People with physical disability require continuous diagnostic and therapeutic services. Objectives: This study aimed to measure the waiting time for receiving medical imaging services and to examine sociodemographic factors associated with the poor experience of these people. Patients and Methods: In a cross-sectional study to assess the responsiveness of comprehensive rehabilitation centers in Tehran in 2016 - 2017, 610 people with physical disabilities who were referred to 10 comprehensive physical rehabilitation centers for rehabilitation services were asked whether they had used medical imaging services during their rehabilitation. The 477 participants (218 women) with positive response consisted the sample of this study. A checklist was used for data collection. T test, Chi-Square and Multiple Logistic Regression Model were used for analytical reports. Results: Poor experience in prompt attention of centers was reported by 26% of public diagnostic service users while 16% of private sector users and 21.2% by total sample. Waiting time for appointment and waiting time at the center were significantly longer in public medical imaging centers compared to the private sector (P < 0.05). Overall experience of public service users about prompt attention was poorer than the private sector (P < 0.05). Physical status (odd ratio [OR] = 3.2; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.3 - 7.8) and duration of disability (OR = 0.28; 95% CI = 0.09 - 0.9) were the predictors of poor experience of respondents about prompt attention in public and private centers respectively. Conclusion: From the service users’ viewpoint, private centers had better performance in prompt attention than public centers. Attention to physical condition and duration of disability in scheduling diagnostic services is recommended.