Validly and Reliability of California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (CCTDI) in Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

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Introduction: Students with appropriate Critical Thinking Disposition can facilitate the countries of scientific development, at the first step of endeavor toward the development is to have a valid and reliable instrument .This study carried out to determine validly and reliability of California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (CCTDI) and critical thinking disposition of nursing and midwifery students of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences.Methods: A Descriptive- Analytical study was carried out on nursing and midwifery students. The CCTDI instrument which includes 75 items .It determined total of Critical Thinking Disposition and 7 sub-scales (Open-Mindedness, Truth–Seeking, Maturity, Systematicity, Analyticity, Inquisitiveness and CT-confidence) among students. Content validity and internal consistency reliability were applied.Findings: 82.8% and 49% of students were females and midwifery students respectively. Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient of total Critical Thinking Disposition was 0.8 and sub-scales obtained the followings coefficients: CT-Confidence 0.7, Systematicity 0.6, Truth-Seeking 0.56, Analyticity 0.55, Inqu-isitiveness 0.4 and Open-Mindedness 0.43. The best scores of sub-scales belonged to CT-confidence among students and the most scales of Critical Thinking Disposition of students were ambivalence.Conclusion: It seems that the CCTDI is a proper instrument for nursing and midwifery students in Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences. It is recommended to standardize the instrument for Iranian students.