The Millennium Development Goals; A Global Assignment

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Context: The millennium development goals (MDG) are global committed efforts to provide anti-poverty and disparity document. During the past 15 years and based on MDGs, nearly all countries have made efforts to achieve its related goals. Therefore, the current narrative review aimed to analyze the MDGs’ challenge and achievements with the focus on Islamic Republic of Iran. Evidence Acquisition: This study was a non-systematic narrative review conducted through studies and reports published from 2000 to 2015, about MDGs’ progress worldwide, compared to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Results: According to the review, almost all countries have had remarkable improvement in all MDGs. Among them Iran’s achievements are significant in five goals out of eight, but to reach the goals number 6 and 7 related to HIV/AIDS control and environmental sustainability, Iran has a rough way to go. The challenges that countries are facing to reach MDGs are slow growth outlook, limited resources, institutional reforms deficiency, insufficient development capacity, unequal income distribution, global economic situation especially during the past five years, absence of political commitment to the MDGs, lack of supportive environment to attract private sector for investment and development and the last but not least un-inclusive growth. Conclusions: All countries reported improvements in MDG indicators, while SDGs has opened new doors of opportunity for countries to promote their socio-economic status.